CityPages Local Frames Featuring "Blissings"

"Rapper/producer/activist Excel has a problem with organized religion.


The dreadlocked Prosaic Minds representative doesn’t believe in the bigotry or violence that religion begets; he’s a follower of universal spirituality. In his own words, “Universal energy; the empowerment of identifying our God-self.” His visual manifesto is “Blissings,” an only mildly-confrontational statement piece where Excel runs down the ills of churchgoing in favor of the existential empowerment of his worldview.


To that self-sufficient end, Excel is not only the rapper on the track, though he also produced the beat and directed the video. You can see shades of Eyedea in the optimistic rhymer -- he even namedrops Oliver Hart on

the chorus of “Blissings” to further the association -- but Excel possesses a metaphysical element that even Mikey didn’t shoot for."

- City Pages Article (Click Here) by Jerard Fagerberg in Music.