Excel's 2016 DILLATRONIC Lyrical Exercise

Ushering in the New Year Excel drops 3:00 minutes of raw and uncut bars over J Dilla's DILLATRONIC from his most recent project conveniently named DILLATRONIC. You can purchase the Dillatronic album from iTunes or purchase the album, vinyl, and all types of merchandise at this link, right here: www.dillatronic.com/




"I thought it was only right to bring in the new year with a Dilla feel... a lot of our efforts with many members of our Twin Cities Omega Zulu Chapter are actively involved with the Official Twin Cities Dilla Day Committee: TC LOVES DILLA. The chair of our committee is actually my brother, DJ Francisco, also the VP of our Twin Cities Zulu Chapter, so it isn't a 'Zulu thing' officially so-to-speak... but man fuck it.. it's a Zulu thing in my words, just not exclusively! Anyways, not to go too deep but even though it seems hard to top expect more than last year, I'm not about to spoil anything!"