In the guise of Memorial Day I wanted to release two very intimate songs to give perspective to a lot of what has made me who I am, and what I've been going through the last few years as I've been moving into gear. Special thanks to my homie A.J. The Engineer. His production made these lyrics possible, in the realest way ever. Inspirational samples from the soul, it's definitely not all copy and paste.

"Stay A Little Longer" Amethyst Memorial Day

These are not the final versions to these pieces, but I felt it was important to drop these today, in memorial to my Nana and previous relationships. Knowing how to build from love and loss is not always easy, but it definitely shapes our inner-warrior. Stay A Little Longer was written in memory of my grandmother, and Searching is a tribute to my experiences and perspective in relationships. In the past year I've been actively engaging against issues of misogyny stemming from unresolved internal issues. Confronting that on record, and up-front with friends and family has helped me to be able to step forward in my journey.


A.J. The Engineer and I came together agreeing on the a representation of energy on this project, and he was familiar with Amethyst, a consistent piece I've used in practice. It seems fitting for the project.